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PDFs of the journal articles on this website often belong to the journals the papers are published in. In most cases, copyright law says you need to ask me before downloading a PDF. The exception is open access publications (where the journal name is in teal). In these cases, feel free to download to your heart's content.

For a full list of lab publications (and upcoming presentations and seminars) see Dr. Dooley's CV.

Sensorimotor Development Lab Publications


Blumberg MS*, Dooley JC*, & Tiriac A* 

Sleep, plasticity, and sensory neurodevelopment. Neuron, 110: 3230-3242, 2022. PDF

Postdoctoral Research (in Mark Blumberg's lab)


Gómez LJ, Dooley JC, and Blumberg, MS. 

Activity in developing prefrontal cortex is shaped by sleep and sensory experience. eLife, 12:e82103, 2023PDF


Dooley JC, Sokoloff G, & Blumberg MS.

Movements during sleep reveal the developmental emergence of a cerebellar-dependent internal model in motor thalamus. Current Biology, 31: 5501-5511. 2021. PDF

Glanz RM, Dooley JC, Sokoloff G, & Blumberg MS.

Sensory coding of limb kinematics in motor cortex across a key developmental transition. Journal of Neuroscience, 41: 6905-6918, 2021. PDF

Sokoloff G, Dooley JC, Glanz RM, Wen RY, Hickerson MM, Evans LG, Laughlin HM, Apfelbaum KS, & Blumberg MS.

Twitches emerge postnatally during quiet sleep in human infants and are synchronized with sleep spindles. Current Biology, 31: 3426-3432, 2021. PDF

Gómez LJ, Dooley, JC, Sokoloff G, & Blumberg MS.

Parallel and serial processing in developing primary somatosensory and motor cortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 41: 3418-3431, 2021. PDF


Dooley JC*, Glanz RM*, Sokoloff G, & Blumberg MS.

Self-generated whisker movements drive state-dependent sensory input to developing barrel cortex. Current Biology, 30: 2404-2410, 2020. PDF

Blumberg MS, Dooley JC, & Sokoloff G.

The developing brain revealed during sleep. Current Opinion in Physiology, 15: 14-22, 2020. PDF


Dooley JC, Sokoloff G, & Blumberg MS.

Behavioral states modulate sensory processing in early development. Current Sleep Medicine Reports, 2019. PDF


Dooley JC, & Blumberg MS.

Developmental "awakening" of primary motor cortex to the sensory consequences of movement. eLife, 7:e41841, 2018. PDF


Blumberg MS, & Dooley JC.

Phantom limbs, neuroprosthetics, and the developmental origins of embodiment. Trends in Neurosciences, 40:603-612, 2017. PDF

Graduate Research (in Leah Krubitzer's lab)


Dooley JC, Krubitzer LA.

Alterations in cortical and thalamic connections of somatosensory cortex following early loss of vision. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 527: 1675–1688. 2019. PDF


Dooley JC, Donaldson MS, and Krubitzer LA

Cortical plasticity following stripe rearing in the marsupial Monodelphis domestica: neural response properties of V1. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117:566–581. 2017. PDF


Dooley JC, Franca JG, Seelke, AMH, Cooke DF, and Krubitzer LA. Evolution of mammalian sensorimotor cortex: Thalamic projections to parietal cortical areas in Monodelphis domestica. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 8: 163. 2015. PDF


Seelke AMH, Dooley JC, and Krubitzer LA

Photic preferences of the short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis domestica). Neuroscience, 269: 273–280. 2014. PDF

Seelke AMH, Dooley JC, and Krubitzer L.

The cellular composition of the marsupial neocortex. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 522: 2286–2298. 2014. PDF


Krubitzer L and Dooley JC.

Cortical plasticity within and across lifetimes: How can development inform us about phenotypic transformation? Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 7:620. 2013. PDF

Dooley JC, Franca JG, Seelke AMH, Cooke DF, Krubitzer LA.

A connection to the past: Monodelphis domestica provides insight into the organization and connectivity of the brains of early mammals. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 521: 3877–3897. 2013. PDF

Seelke AMH, Dooley JC, and Krubitzer LA.

Differential changes in the cellular composition of the developing marsupial brain. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 521: 2602–2620. 2013. PDF


Dooley JC, Nguyen HM, Seelke AMH, and Krubitzer L.

Visual acuity in the short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis domestica). Neuroscience, 223: 124–130. 2012. PDF

Seelke AMH, Dooley JC, and Krubitzer LA.

The emergence of somatotopic maps of the body in S1 in rats: the correspondence between functional and anatomical representation. PLOS One, 2012. PDF

Undergraduate Thesis (in Brian Prendergast's lab)


Dooley JC and Prendergast BJ.

Photorefractoriness and energy availability interact to permit facultative timing of spring breeding.  Behavioral Ecology. 23: 1049–1058. 2012. PDF

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