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Our lab is currently hiring at all levels!

Full-time Research Technician

We're currently hiring a Research Technician, with responsibilities that include:

  • Setting up the lab and keeping the laboratory space organized

  • Follow and enforce lab or safety protocols and equipment cleaning procedures

  • Communicate with university contacts to maintain laboratory operations

  • Assist the PI in implementing research plans

  • With thorough guidance, conduct standardized behavioral and neurophysiological experiments

  • Assist in the maintenance of a rat breeding colony

  • Record and analyze data, and compile results

  • Assist in the preparation of oral and written communications, including articles for publication, grant proposals, reports to sponsors, and conference presentations

  • Oversee undergraduate students concerning research on a day-to-day basis

This position is available for up to 24 months, contingent on satisfactory performance and the availability of funding. Employment can begin as soon as May 2023, but for the right candidate the start date is flexible. Applications will be reviewed and received, and the position will remain open until filled. 


 To apply, candidates should submit a CV and a letter summarizing their experience, skills, research interests, future goals, and contact information for at least two references (although more references are certainly welcome). Reference letters are not required at the initial application stage, and applicants will be told before references are contacted. For additional details about the position, email Prof. Dooley (



Postdocs interested in joining the lab should email Prof. Dooley with their CV, PDFs of publications, and a short statement of their research interests and how the research of the lab fits with their goals.


Our lab is currently looking for graduate students to help us understand how sleep intersects with sensorimotor development. We are affiliated with the Department of Biology as well as the PULSe Graduate Program. Students currently at Purdue that are enrolled in one of these programs can contact Prof. Dooley directly ( to set up a rotation. Likewise, students who have not yet applied to graduate school can contact Prof. Dooley to discuss the best graduate program to apply to.


The lab is no longer actively recruiting undergraduate researchers, however any Purdue students interested in neuroscience research can always reach out to Prof. Dooley.

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