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Our lab is currently hiring at all levels!


We are currently looking for a lab manager to help with colony maintenance, ordering and setting up equipment, bench work, and running neurophysiological and behavioral experiments. Please email Prof. Dooley ( with your CV if you're interested!


Postdocs interested in joining the lab should email Prof. Dooley with their CV, PDFs of publications, and a short statement of their research interests and how the research of the lab fits with their goals.


Our lab is currently looking for graduate students to help us understand how sleep intersects with sensorimotor development. We are affiliated with the department of Biology as well as the PULSe graduate program. Students currently at Purdue that are enrolled in one of these programs can contact Prof. Dooley directly ( to set up a rotation. Likewise, students who have not yet applied to graduate school can contact Prof. Dooley to discuss the best graduate program to apply to.


Students in their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year that are interested in working in the lab should send their CV as well as their goals after graduation (and how research experience fits with those goals) to Prof. Dooley.

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